The Invisible Social Costs of Military Expenditure

The total military expenditure of the world’s top 15 military spenders for 2012 was 3,157 billion dollars US (source: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute). If we were to consider that a University capable of educating 25.000 students would cost approximately $500 million dollars US or a well-equipped medium-sized hospital would cost $300 million or ending world hunger would cost about $175 billion every year (source: Jeffrey Sachs, The end of Poverty) it is easy to understand why war and the exploitation of war takes such a heavy toll on our quality of life as a race and as common inhabitants of the planet Earth. In rough numbers, investing this amount to create social value, would be the equivalent to building 6,350 Universities, 10,523 hospitals or end world hunger 18 times over, not considering the immense power in human resources that would be allocated from military service to more productive fields for society. Analyzing from a value-creating perspective, it is an undeniable fact, the resources available to us are not only terribly misallocated as they are economically set against a social, peaceful and developed society.

War and the whole mechanism of war expenditure is obsolete and utterly useless for us as The Human Race and common neighbors of this Earth. In this new age of technological development, war is but a concept fueled by fear and ignorance with the sole objective of creating profit for the narrow and anonymous circle that feeds and maintains this idea, the day we understand this is the day we will free ourselves from this vicious and seemingly never-ending cycle. Some may inquire about their personal and national safety and rightly so. In every society safety is paramount and must be guaranteed. To answer this, I’m sure economists and psychologists, grounded on their communal theory of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs will support my belief that a society of abundance abolishes the need for war or violence or robbery. When our individual needs are satisfied there is no interest in the resources of another. Scarcity begets selfishness, but abundance turns to altruism. Second, it is to be expected that with a sound investment in education in a worldwide level, the growth in human and social values for us as a society will also be exponential, meaning that violence, crime, racism will be overthrown by knowledge, compassion and understanding. These prognostics may cause some skepticism if considered through the narrow, profit-oriented perspective that is so widely spread today, but history, experience and science have proven this over and over in smaller scales. It is all about the laws of economics and good political decision-making. We need a profound and efficient societal paradigm change  to improve the allocation of our common resources to the creation of value for us as a race. We must build our common future through cooperation as opposed to hindering it with competition.

– N. M., 2062Movement


2062 Movement Manifesto

“This is the world where we live now. A world of inequalities like never before. A world where most inhabitants live off the unbearable edge of hunger and illness, while others bask in pointless and absurd opulence. Where deleterious drains from endless governmental corruption are not utterly intolerable, but merely objectionable. Where a poor man is unable to afford an attorney  but a rich man is above the eye of the Law as the money twists and bends the scales once held by Lady Justice. Where fictitious democratic elections are manufactured all around the planet to serve the agenda of profit and capital and fake legitimacy for the golden sign of the dollar to nibble away the green of the earth and the blue of the sea. Where disease exists only because it is more profitable to treat it indefinitely than to heal it permanently. Where technological development reached a conceivable and possible ground for world-wide clean energy, transport, production, innovation and unharmful co-existence with Nature and yet the cancer of fossil fuel, residual waste and endless pollution still haunts our future. The decisions of those who sat in power year after year pushed us to the place where we stand now. The very middle-ground of human history, the last Oasis in the wasteland of Industrial Revolution, where the unpostponable choice between Paradise or Oblivion must be made. The voices for change shout from everywhere and they know no skin color, race, religion, language or national border. They remember those who have sacrificed themselves throughout history for our chance to take a stand. They denounce the undeniable truth that politics should serve the will of the people and it is not the people who should serve the will of politics. They acknowledge that we are the masses, we are the people and we hold the power. It is your future. It is your decision. Join your voice.”

– 2062Movement