2062 Movement Manifesto

“This is the world where we live now. A world of inequalities like never before. A world where most inhabitants live off the unbearable edge of hunger and illness, while others bask in pointless and absurd opulence. Where deleterious drains from endless governmental corruption are not utterly intolerable, but merely objectionable. Where a poor man is unable to afford an attorney  but a rich man is above the eye of the Law as the money twists and bends the scales once held by Lady Justice. Where fictitious democratic elections are manufactured all around the planet to serve the agenda of profit and capital and fake legitimacy for the golden sign of the dollar to nibble away the green of the earth and the blue of the sea. Where disease exists only because it is more profitable to treat it indefinitely than to heal it permanently. Where technological development reached a conceivable and possible ground for world-wide clean energy, transport, production, innovation and unharmful co-existence with Nature and yet the cancer of fossil fuel, residual waste and endless pollution still haunts our future. The decisions of those who sat in power year after year pushed us to the place where we stand now. The very middle-ground of human history, the last Oasis in the wasteland of Industrial Revolution, where the unpostponable choice between Paradise or Oblivion must be made. The voices for change shout from everywhere and they know no skin color, race, religion, language or national border. They remember those who have sacrificed themselves throughout history for our chance to take a stand. They denounce the undeniable truth that politics should serve the will of the people and it is not the people who should serve the will of politics. They acknowledge that we are the masses, we are the people and we hold the power. It is your future. It is your decision. Join your voice.”

– 2062Movement




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