Society – Lyrics by Jerry Hannan

A mystery that I would decipher if I could…
The answer to all the problems…
And why have we agreed?
Why do we live languorously?
Why don’t we even try to change the world in a tiny little way?
If we all thought about it, if we all woke up in the morning and thought with a pristine heart: “ today I will help someone, I will make a difference”.
Smile to your neighbor, help an elderly, give your leftovers to the homeless that is invisible to your sight. Hug someone in need. Hear the ones who need you. Talk to your plants and flowers at home, they are our companion in joy or sadness. Don’t resent anyone because they are different. Difference allows us to learn and grow.
Simple ways to create a crevice in men hearts and fill it with love to allow vanity and greediness to melt…


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