Good News Roundup – May 2013

Here is the monthly roundup of both big and small victories for the good-doers for May 2013.

Any other relevant articles please post on the comment section below.

Regarding the protection of bees and their importance to the global ecosystem:

EU bans pesticides over bee fears (Reuters)
Bee-harming pesticides escape proposed European ban (The Guardian)
EU says it will push through better bee protections after members disagree over pesticides (Washington Post)
Save the bees: Protesters swarm around Parliament in support of pesticides ban (Mirror)
Historic vote to ban neonicotinoid pesticides blamed for huge decline in bees (The Independent)
EU to ban pesticides linked to bee decline (Al Jazeera)
European Union imposes ban on pesticides linked to bee deaths (RFI)
EU to ban bee-killing pesticides (EU Observer)

Animal Protection:

The Protection of sea turtles in Mexico
Tarzan the tar-covered cat is saved by good Samaritan
Goat escapes from slaughterhouse to freedom
New York rescue crew saves ducklings from storm drain (with video)
State of Nevada bans dog breed discrimination
Stories of 2 homeless and their beloved dogs


Investment in alternative clean energies (solar energy) by Verizon
Monsanto surrenders and ends all lobbying in Europe


3D printing changing the world for the better


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