What Would You Do If Money Were No Object

This video is part of a lecture by author and philosopher Allan Watts, who leads us to ponder this never-ending cycle through which each generation teaches the following to live by prioritizing not something that would bring fulfillment to their lives, but rather survival by way of money. The main point being, if you know exactly what you want to do with your life, let that yearning be paramount above all.

“Better to have a short life full of what you like doing, than a long live spent in a miserable way”.



Lets Hear It For Greenpeace

Now, there is a lot of talk about what Greenpeace actually does with its funds and the projects it takes on and that is a whole other issue, but this was just plain witty and funny, although I do believe it was edited out of main television. When the guy takes out the first banner and another one sprangs right beside it, it is really saying: “Oh no, we won’t do down that easy!” which makes him even madder and drives him into a banner destroying frenzy.

Good job, Greenpeace! Cheers.

The Farmery. A Harvest-It-Yourself Greenhouse.

The Farmery is, hopefully, only a small taste of a whole new ideology of good things to come. It is basically a one-stop location where the customer can harvest the vegetables that are grown in-store, avoiding the inefficiencies inherent to transportation and distributing, but, more than that, it is a place that mends a long-lost bond between the Human Being and Mother Earth that remind us that every seed that grows is nothing short of a miracle.

Read the original article and the tale from the innovative mind of Ben Greene, the visionary of this project, here.

“The wonderful thing about agriculture is you don’t have to try very hard to make function look pretty. I just concentrate on making the growing system as efficient as the space will allow,” he says (though there will be ample opportunity to develop custom displays and graphics).

There are currently two in-progress prototypes in North Carolina, complete with sunflower-dappled living roofs. And now, after four months of finagling, Greene and his team were able to secure civic approval for a 20-foot mini-Famery in downtown Durham, right in front of the Burt’s Bees headquarters; a taste of things to come, no doubt.

(Source: modernfarmer)

How Money (and the Financial System) Die

“[…] Austerity really means sacrificing the masses lives so that the banker’s portfolios can perform.”

A 5 minute piece on the collapse of the financial system (mainly the US financial system) as the creator of an ever-growing amount of debt and fictitious money which is reflected on inflation and the continuous devaluation of real currency.

(Source: TruthNeverTold, Youtube)

The Wheel is Still in Spin

No. I’m not a hypocrite. I do eat meat ever so often and that is yet another good reason to stop for 6 minutes and ponder on the foundations on which we have established society and our way of live.

To which degree do ends justify the means for something? Is there another way? A better way? One that is not so wholesomely disrespectful of life?

If the very essence of our survival is based on violence, how could we not be a violent species? If nothing else, it makes one wonder.