Phonebloks. A Design Innovation for the Phone of the Future.

Phonebloks intends to create a social movement to encourage the innovation of the current smart phone design that forces us to throw away our phones after a couple of years of use due to the failing of just one of the dozens of parts that make up a phone, a design flaw that can sometimes be referred to as planned obsolescence. Some would argue that this ‘planned obsolescence’ is a strategic characteristic on the phone market, as it is in so many other electronics’ markets in order to manipulate the consumer into buying new electronics in shorter periods of time, thus greatly increasing the profit level for the corporations.

The issue of having the best phone that can technologically be developed is not nearly as important when you consider the fact that you will have a pretty awesome phone all around, fully customized to your needs, or even when it is expected to greatly reduce the electronic waste that is cluttering the Earth because of planned obsolescence, as it is important by underlining how cooperation between companies, as opposed to competition, creates synergies that will ultimately reflect the greater good for every stakeholder – whether the corporation, the consumer or Nature.


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