Study Reveals Generosity is Infectious.

A recent study by Berkeley University reveals that much like the social dissemination of Hate, the other side of the coin, the sharing of Love, follows an exponential growth when applied in society. Although one single study cannot support the complexity of a whole global social system, it becomes pretty clear that the potential for collaboration in order to achieve the best quality of life possible for every single human, is there, if we are just brave enough to let go of our fears, as a race, and unconditionally and trustingly embrace Love.

In a world still teeming with intolerance, this is clearly easier said than done.

This study also lays one more brick on the ever-progressing wall of the scientific progress of the well-known study “Game Theory” by John Nash (although Nash defended that a “player” would always choose the hypothesis that would minimize damage and not the one that would better benefit all the “players”, which would logically be the best choice) on the sense that by trusting one another the opportunities for progress and mutual benefit are ever-increasing.


Follows the original article:

Generosity and goodwill really are infectious, a University of California study has found.

A study conducted by UC Berkeley and UC San Diego researchers found that when consumers were told a previous customer had already paid for their purchase and were then offered the opportunity to do the same for someone else, the consumers spent more money than those given the option to pay whatever price they wanted for their own purchase.

Coined “Pay It Forward” and “Pay What You Want,” the two pricing schemes were put to test in eight experiments. A total of 2,400 individuals at locations including Oakland’s Jack London Square farmer’s market, San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum and labs at UC Berkeley participated unknowingly, and, in every setting, a consistent chain of goodwill and higher spending was set off when consumers paid it forward.

“It’s assumed that consumers are selfish and always looking for the best deal,” lead study author Minah Jung said. “But when we gave people the option to pay for someone else, they always paid more than what they paid for themselves.”

While becoming acquainted with the person who paid for them made no difference in how much consumers spent, the researchers did find that they paid more when they could send a note with the amount they paid or a personal message to the person they were covering.

“People don’t want to look cheap,” Jung said. “They want to be fair, but they also want to fit in with the social norms.”

The findings suggest consumers’ senses of fairness and reciprocity may be just as strong or stronger of a driving force in purchasing decisions than the desire to score the best deal.

“The results suggest that businesses that rely entirely on consumers’ social preferences can survive and even thrive,” Jung said. “It’s pretty amazing.”

(Source: The Huffington Post)


Operation Brainwash, brought to you by Mainstream Media

For those who saw the movie “V for Vendetta” or read the Orwellian dystopian novel “Nineteen Eighty Four” it becomes clear why a person who thinks for himself is a liability for any oppressive political regime. Free thoughts may generate waves of conscience that given enough mass may overthrow the powers that be. Therefore the public must, unconscientiously, be fed the thoughts deemed right by the government, to make them pacified and gullible. It really sounds like something from a novel or a movie right? Right. Watch the film below and evaluate for yourself.



Thankfully they didn’t went for the “terrorism”, “weapons of mass destruction”, “al-queda” or “keeping America free” catchphrases otherwise we would be here for a long long time.

And that’s a threefer: Hello NSA!

(Sources on the film)

Fracking Politicians!

Politicians (n.) – The last line of defense from Corporations against the people. Someone who is unaware of what fiduciary duty means. A person who practices politics. “Politics” is derived from the words “poly” meaning “many”, and “tics” meaning “blood-sucking parasites.”

Fracking industry contributions to congressional campaigns spiked 231 percent between 2004 and 2012 in districts and states with fracking activity, according to a report released Wednesday. “Like many industries under increasing scrutiny, the fracking industry has responded by ratcheting up campaign donations to help make new friends in Congress,” CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan said in a statement. The fracking industry’s level of contributions increased steadily from $4.3 million to just under $12 million between 2004 and 2012, according to the report, just as fracking’s importance to the U.S. energy industry grew.

Source: Huffington Post

As you read this, the Obama Administration is poised to let fracking run roughshod over our natural heritage — inside national forests, next to national parks and across millions more acres of our treasured public lands. Here are just a few of the special places at stake: Virginia’s George Washington National Forest … Ohio’s Wayne National Forest … Colorado’s White River National Forest … California’s Los Padres National Forest … even lands outside Montana’s Glacier National Park and Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park.

Make no mistake: this is not just a full-frontal attack on our natural heritage, which would be frightening enough. It is also a direct threat to millions of American families who get their drinking water from pristine water supplies that originate in national forests and other public lands.

Source: NRDC Online

There are really a lot of reasons why money should get out of politics, the best, I guess, would be straightforward honesty when making decisions that affect the lives of millions that have no voice other than the people they elect to represent them.

Best of #AskJPM II

It’s been 4 days and the #AskJPM hashtag doesn’t seem to slow down. Here is a compilation of some other creative Tweets:

(this post is a sequel of the first Best of #AskJPM post, which you can find here)

Best of #AskJPM

So, it all started with a proposal from JPMorgan on twitter (yes, the JP Morgan from the foreclosures, lobbying, bribery and corruption) for a small Q&A session, where they supposedly were trying to connect with the public.

Seemingly they forgot they are part of the problem. Or perhaps, they thought we forgot they were one of the agents responsible for bringing the world’s economy down to its knees, exploiting the poor and buying politicians for profits and 7 figure bonuses at the end of the year. Well, the public made themselves heard well enough. At the time of this post I believe it’s been a never ending stream of twitter posts (I believe should be close to 30.000 now) for 30+ hours of trolling, payback and candid sentiments of repulsion. Here is a compilation of the best:

Some considered the PR stunt to have gone horribly wrong. I have to disagree. I believe most people found it extremely amusing and we can’t but wait for them to post another one of these soon enough.

Caution: Ingredients May Cause Land Grabs


There’s a lot behind multinational corporations, that much is certain and a lot of it is ugly and dirty. A company doesn’t make that much money be being socially and environmentally responsible. For a long time big companies started worrying less and less about consumer and society and more about profits and stocks, which means people, especially poor people always get the short end of the stick. And this is wrong.

On this particular case, the sugar supply chains for the soda companies like Coca-cola or Pepsi have apparently been grabbing land from poor communities to plant their sugar, which will hinder their future sustainability and livelihood and this issue will not be addressed until we, the consumer, tell the big brands what we think about their disrespect for our rights and our world.

Make your voice know: and share this information. (Also more information on the top ten worst brands)

(Source: OXFAM America)