Caution: Ingredients May Cause Land Grabs


There’s a lot behind multinational corporations, that much is certain and a lot of it is ugly and dirty. A company doesn’t make that much money be being socially and environmentally responsible. For a long time big companies started worrying less and less about consumer and society and more about profits and stocks, which means people, especially poor people always get the short end of the stick. And this is wrong.

On this particular case, the sugar supply chains for the soda companies like Coca-cola or Pepsi have apparently been grabbing land from poor communities to plant their sugar, which will hinder their future sustainability and livelihood and this issue will not be addressed until we, the consumer, tell the big brands what we think about their disrespect for our rights and our world.

Make your voice know: and share this information. (Also more information on the top ten worst brands)

(Source: OXFAM America)


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