Operation Brainwash, brought to you by Mainstream Media

For those who saw the movie “V for Vendetta” or read the Orwellian dystopian novel “Nineteen Eighty Four” it becomes clear why a person who thinks for himself is a liability for any oppressive political regime. Free thoughts may generate waves of conscience that given enough mass may overthrow the powers that be. Therefore the public must, unconscientiously, be fed the thoughts deemed right by the government, to make them pacified and gullible. It really sounds like something from a novel or a movie right? Right. Watch the film below and evaluate for yourself.



Thankfully they didn’t went for the “terrorism”, “weapons of mass destruction”, “al-queda” or “keeping America free” catchphrases otherwise we would be here for a long long time.

And that’s a threefer: Hello NSA!

(Sources on the film)


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