In the Ivory Coast of Africa, children as young as 7 are forced to work long hours collecting cocoa beans, often beaten if they work too slow or don’t meet their quota. Some are sold for as little as a couple of dollars, trapped into a life of slavery1.

While many chocolate brands have made public commitments to find the best solution, Warner Bros. is lagging behind:

1. An independent investigation2 into their supplier Behr’s Chocolates led to a failing score of 1 out of 48 possible measures to ensure their operations are slavery-free;

2. Warner Bros. dismissed the findings of the investigation, simply stating that they were ‘satisfied’ that fair labour practices were being used in the production of their chocolates;

3. Given the conflicting information, outraged consumers asked Warner Bros. what steps were taken to ensure there was no slavery in Harry Potter Chocolates. Warner Bros. refused to respond.

As we head into one of the busiest times of the year for Warner Bros. theme parks. Children excited to experience the world of Harry Potter will be asking their parents to buy these chocolates. That’s why taking a stand right now will make a big impact.

Ask Warner Bros. what steps they’re taking to ensure Harry Potter chocolates are slavery-free.

1 http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/946952.stm
2 http://thehpalliance.org/i/campaigns/nihn/behr-scorecard.pdf


Two Little Girls

“Two Little Girls is a short animated film aimed directly at young women in East Europe who are in danger of being sex trafficked. Two Little Girls is a major anti-sex trafficking campaign being run in 13 East European countries. The film was made in consultation with a group of Albanian women who were trafficked to the UK and rescued by the Poppy Project”

The Insightful Game

“‘My Cotton Picking Life’ is a game created by designers at Game The News to convey conditions of modern slavery in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan. The game only has two buttons – both say ‘pick cotton’ – as the men, women and children of Uzbekistan have no choice but to pick around 50 kg (110 lbs) of cotton daily.”

PLAY the game here.

Earth Hour Outcomes 2013

I was eating Mexican food with my boyfriend and two other friends in a cozy restaurant in Hong Kong, iCaramba, as I swiftly looked at the time and noticed earth hour has just started and the lights were still on. Nevertheless, what could we do as we were in someone else’s restaurant and we dared not to switch off the lights without permission?

As we waited, we made a toast with our Mexican beers and endeavored to find a solution. All of a sudden, I gazed to the room which was further left by our table and realize that there were no lights on in that room and the waitress was lighting candles. I thought to myself that they were doing the earth hour, but someone denied and claimed it was a birthday. To clear my doubts I asked the waitress while she came to our table and also lighted a few candles and she confirmed. What a blissful surprise! That evening we smiled and our souls were also lightened.

To acknowledge the outcomes of the Earth Hour 2013 in our global community, read the article: http://earthhour.org/2013outcomes