Children of the World

“India has replaced China as the world’s largest arms buyer, accounting for 10 percent of all arms purchases during the past five years[…] India purchased some $12.7 billion in arms.”

A global food crisis is impacting children all over the world. Food prices around the world have continued to skyrocket – in some areas of the world they are up to 75% in the past years.

Obviously, the ones at higher risk are the poor. Families who are already living on the edge. Families, children who are now going without food for days.

Hunger continues to be a critical issue in India, Africa and elsewhere. India is the home of one in three malnourished children in the world. Although the nation’s grain output has been robust, there is an acute shortage of storage facilities in which to hold it, causing crops to rot. Meanwhile, people in agriculture-poor areas of the country suffer from lack of food and inflated prices. Just like me, I believe there are out there people who are concerned about this impact on the children of the world.

Why not spend these billions in worthy causes…?

Read the entire article here (The New York Times).