9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover-Up Wide Open

“Who are you gonna believe? Are you gonna believe a bunch of government bureaucrats? Or my fellow brothers, which I lost 343 guys that day. […] And I can never forget that. I think about of that before I go to bed, I think about it the first thing in the morning.”
– Rudy Dent, 32 year veteran of NYC fire department.


9/11 – A Conspiracy Theory

A concise 5 minute version “Conspiracy Theory” about the 9/11 attacks on American Soil. Fact after fact 9/11 undoubtedly leaves a lot of questions unanswered and seems to plunge farther and farther into a truth so horrifying that some people seemingly prefer to live under the soft lie, as opposed to dealing with the hard truth.

Whenever discussing “terrorist” attacks on the USA it is always good to remember Benjamin Franklin who once said something in the likes of “Those who sacrifice freedom for safety, deserve neither.” Whether the attacks were fabricated or not.