The Most Efficient Vehicle on the Planet?

The ELF, a product of Organic Transit, a North Carolina-based company which develops what they call “the most efficient vehicles on the planet” is a zero carbon-emission vehicle for everyday urban use. The ELF is made of 45 percent recycled aluminum frame, equipped with a weatherproof 80 percent recycled composite shell and it’s assembled together by actual people, not machines, making a strong stand on sustainable production and social corporate responsibility. It also possesses a solar panel on top so that the battery recharges just as you go about your business.

Rob Cotter, CEO of the company states:

“We’re watching the cost of Chinese labor and fossil fuels going up, while unemployment in the West is at critical levels. We’re riding that wave, and aiming to build a radically different business model that will keep our costs and environmental impact down.”

ELF vehicle

The ELF-like vehicles could have been in the market decades ago, but throughout the 90’s until recently people prioritized power, luxury and size, not efficiency. These broadly overrated priorities are clearly part of the problem that is directly and indirectly causing the collapse of your world, whether economical or environmental. Vehicles like ELF are not only the answer to a clean, efficient and waste minimizing society, but they are also said to be a unique and addictive ride.

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