Culture in Decline

With Culture in Decline РEpisode 6, Peter Joseph concludes the first (and only?) season of this changing-the-paradigm-type of social criticism and presses on to the ongoing InterReflections project. Being what it is Рan appendix to the Zeitgeist Trilogy РCulture in Decline does not possess the strength or the depth of the Zeitgeist documentaries, but does make a point of bringing to the spotlight what is wrong with modern society, sometimes going as far as pointing the finger at the viewer, for what are we if not both victims and agents of a culture in decline?

But that’s the thing with Culture in Decline series, it’s not meant to be pretty or agreeable, it’s meant to be exactly what it is: an ultimatum to the world. If we do not address our planet’s resources rationally and responsible, in half a century pollution, depletion and surely tragedy will ensue. Episode 6, “A Tale of Two Worlds”, speculates on exactly this issue, this pending decision we must take as a race, in one hand where we are heading and, in the other, what we could accomplish.

Anyway, for what it’s worth: Thanks Peter, your work is an inspiration and, undoubtedly, a catalyzer for change all around the world.