Earth Hour Outcomes 2013

I was eating Mexican food with my boyfriend and two other friends in a cozy restaurant in Hong Kong, iCaramba, as I swiftly looked at the time and noticed earth hour has just started and the lights were still on. Nevertheless, what could we do as we were in someone else’s restaurant and we dared not to switch off the lights without permission?

As we waited, we made a toast with our Mexican beers and endeavored to find a solution. All of a sudden, I gazed to the room which was further left by our table and realize that there were no lights on in that room and the waitress was lighting candles. I thought to myself that they were doing the earth hour, but someone denied and claimed it was a birthday. To clear my doubts I asked the waitress while she came to our table and also lighted a few candles and she confirmed. What a blissful surprise! That evening we smiled and our souls were also lightened.

To acknowledge the outcomes of the Earth Hour 2013 in our global community, read the article: