The Meaning of Life

Happiness is a very important ingredient. Given that all human beings are born alone and die alone, it is human nature for each person to have a very personal perspective as to what happiness means. Therefore happiness has an infinite amount of definitions. When a person is born, at their childhood they receive the automatic desire to dream and utilize their imagination. As they get older, people will do their best to destroy those dreams and deny your imagination by suffocating you with what they refer to as reality. If a person with a very open mind believes anything is possible you become a threat to people with narrow minds. The larger your world becomes the smaller and more infantile they appear and this bothers them. Their short perspectives and forgone conclusions limits them as people and they are envious at your ability to maintain hope through a much larger and broad scope. It is this grief that causes them to be insufferably miserable and through constant actions of negativity, they will do whatever they can at all cost to rob you of your limitless freedom. Inside the very core of happiness is a person’s ability to believe that anything is possible and that whatever concepts of belief they have are the correct beliefs despite what anybody else tells them. In short, it is important for every single human being to develop his or her method of beliefs, aspirations or opinions, no matter what they are. If another perspective is shown to you that makes you happier than the one you held on to then change it. If not, then let it go. In a person’s life we are all given a short period of time to exist in this form and this is to be a fact no matter what your beliefs are. So it is imperative that you use that time as much as possible doing anything and everything that makes you happy. Also, if it is by having a narrow perspective that makes you happy, then by all means do so. Just don’t suffocate people with negativity. If you enjoy giving people your negativity, then you are not happy at all. You are in denial. It is this happiness we all seek that gives our life meaning. Therefore I am left to concur that the meaning of life is to find meaning in life. Even if the meaning is the lack of a meaning that is a meaning. Find your meaning in life and you have found the meaning of life.

(Author: The Correct Answer, source here)