Best of #AskJPM II

It’s been 4 days and the #AskJPM hashtag doesn’t seem to slow down. Here is a compilation of some other creative Tweets:

(this post is a sequel of the first Best of #AskJPM post, which you can find here)


Best of #AskJPM

So, it all started with a proposal from JPMorgan on twitter (yes, the JP Morgan from the foreclosures, lobbying, bribery and corruption) for a small Q&A session, where they supposedly were trying to connect with the public.

Seemingly they forgot they are part of the problem. Or perhaps, they thought we forgot they were one of the agents responsible for bringing the world’s economy down to its knees, exploiting the poor and buying politicians for profits and 7 figure bonuses at the end of the year. Well, the public made themselves heard well enough. At the time of this post I believe it’s been a never ending stream of twitter posts (I believe should be close to 30.000 now) for 30+ hours of trolling, payback and candid sentiments of repulsion. Here is a compilation of the best:

Some considered the PR stunt to have gone horribly wrong. I have to disagree. I believe most people found it extremely amusing and we can’t but wait for them to post another one of these soon enough.